We offer great discounts on all tires and sizes! We carry name brand tires for all cars, trucks, suvs and vans. Just to name a few brands, we stock tires such as Goodyear, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Yokohama, Firelli, Nitto’s, Toyo Tires, Hankook, Continental and more. Not sure what tire fits best on your vehicle. Come by our shop in Anaheim Ca today and let one of our professional sales staff assist you!


Many times consumers confuse wheel alignment with wheel balancing. A properly balanced wheel is a perfectly tuned wheel-tire combination. We do this by placing measured lead weights on the opposite side of the “heavy spot”, the noticeable tread wear on your unbalanced tire.


Is your vehicle vibrating at certain speeds? If so, chances are your wheel is out of balance. This means one section of your tire is heavier than the other because it’s suffered more exposure to the friction and heat of the road. Look for these signs: Scalloped, erratic wear pattern on tires, or Vibration in steering wheel, seat, or floorboard at certain speeds, and if you find either one, come see us!


Rotating your tires is an important part of preserving your tire tread and increasing the longevity of your tire. By not rotating your tires, you decrease the life of the tire significantly as well as decrease fuel efficiency, increase drag, and put yourself at risk of wearing the tire down to wire. If a tire tread gets too bad, it can strongly pull your vehicle in a direction, which might even cause an accident.

We offer criss-cross rotation or a side-to-side rotation depending on your wear and tear. Rotations should be done in similar lengths of time so that tread wears evenly on all tires. We suggest getting your tires rotated every time or every other time you get your oil changed. It’s easy because your car is already at the shop and rotations are inexpensive.

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