John M

Came In to get in dash pioneer. The service was fast and very professional on the wiring. I have done my own electrical work on cars before but it can get very messy but the people at car stereo warehouse did a great job of concealing the wires and keeping them all in order to prevent and shorts. The in dash pioneer was really clean, loved the touch screen and led light selection on the buttons were sick. I can charge my phone with it which is a plus. Helped me pick out the best dash and were very patient with my questions. also Installed the dash without scratching any of my interior like other stereo places have done in the past. GREAT!!!! customer service was super friendly. Would definitely come here again to get my windows tinted or buying anything else.

Ivy K.

I’m glad I researched on Yelp before purchasing a new car stereo for my 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid. I spent a little more than I meant to BUT I was really happy in the end. Welcome to 2013! I can play music from my tablet and charge my phone with a USB cord from my stereo! I came in and was helped immediately. I told them my requirements and that I didn’t need anything crazy. He knew exactly what to recommend. He gave me the discount of what I would have paid if I would have bought the offer on Yelp without me having to go through the hassle of actually purchasing the voucher. He also rounded down the price to pre-tax total. I wish I could remember his name because he was really helpful but I saw that the other guys were as well so they all deserve the compliment. It took a little longer than expected and I was stranded without my car and there is really nothing nearby to do. Because of that, I just wish there was a better waiting area. Me and a couple other people were awkwardly sitting on random chairs in front of one of the product cases. At the time, it was uncomfortable but the product and service more than made up for it. No regrets. Highly recommend.

Rocki K.

Came here to get my windows tinted on my new car . I came by referral and so glad !!!! Everybody here is extremely nice and treat you like family. Excellent quality work for a great price ! Shop is very clean and Everything is organized well so it’s easy to look around . Can’t wait to see how many car turns out . Tony and Robert are so helpful and honest (especially since i don’t know to much about cars) i will absolutely tell everyone I know to come here for rims, stereo, tint, etc!!! I already have had multiple family members come here before me so I knew it was good . Thank you guys!!

Aaron L.

Just had them install my amp and sub on my 2009 Nissan Altima Coupe. They did it in about an hour and for a great price, I was gonna install it myself, but at this price I’d rather let them do it! They did a great job of routing the wires invisibly, and my system is hitting a lot harder now. I’ll prob be back when I’m ready for a deck upgrade.

Kamil F.

Nice job on my brand new Passat tint and iPod integration system. Great service, great prices and very friendly staff.

K B.

Took in my 99 Tahoe which I’m giving to my 16 y/o son. I wanted him to have a Bluetooth unit with hands free calling and SiriusXM. Robert was great showing us the different units. I selected the Alpine CDE HD 148BT. Installation was great n done at the time promised. They took the time to show my son how everything operated and sync his phone to the unit. Thanks.

Shuo Y.

Pretty good shop. Guys are friendly. Used the yelp coupon, and I also negotiated the price. Installed an adapter for my car and it works fine!

Kortney K.

Exquisite customer service. The place was packed when I walked in yet I was still greeted right away with friendly helpful service. While everyone was very friendly, Robert hooked me up with a great deal to tint my windows and even got it done in twenty minutes. (Robert is the Mexican guy with the sleeves). Highly recommend this place, it’s obvious that they are highly experienced and professional. I will be back for sure!

Nitya P.

I went to this place after I went to another auto shop, I am not going to say any names here. Lol. So I looked it up on Google and let me tell you it was well worth it. I got a Pioneer head unit AVH-X1500DVD, Alpine speakers front and rear, a 4 way amp for the speakers, 1 Alpine Type S 12″ sub woofer and it’s Kenwood 1000 watts Mono D Block amp and got a ported box for the sub. The installation took like 4 hours only because 1 guy was working on it. Although, that guy, Jose, who worked on my car is the best that they have. All the workers kept asking him questions. Well he was pretty fast doing his job even thought he was by himself. He was a total professional when it came to his work. He did everything perfect! He did all the wiring with care and quality. They even back their products up for a year warranty. Well after it was installed, let me tell you! The car was off the chains!! The Alpine speakers and the sub bumps so hard that I was amazed. Plus at full volume, my car wasn’t even rattling and making that annoying sound. Well I love the job that they have done. I also talked with the owner, Jeff and he was totally cool with me and gave me a discount! If you want your ride to sound great and don’t want to worry about wires and bad job, go to Car Stereo Warehouse! Believe me when I say this, you will love your car to the MAX!!!

Taylor G.

Awesome service, knowledgeable employees, and great prices… What more can I say?

Robert L.

What do I know about Car stereo?? This is what I know. 1. My front car door speakers needed replacing. 2. The speakers always cost 40% less on Amazon than what the “store” quotes you. 3. On top of the 40% premium (over Amazon price not their actual cost) which the store owners justify by pointing out shipping costs, warranties, cost of doing business, they also charge you $40 – $60 for installation. 4. Installing speakers is not a rocket science.. but without the right tools, it can be a nightmare. Why Car Stereo Warehouse? 1. They been in business for a long time (I thought I heard 15 years) 2. They will charge you about 40% more than Amazon but that includes all the things that the sales person points out + INSTALLATION – which I think is more than fair. 3. First come first serve installation. So, 1. Call Anthony. He is a cool guy. 2. Do your homework on pricing 3. And listen to NPR in perfect clarity.

David L.

The best customer service. They stand by their products. If you have any issues they make it right.

M J.

One word: AMAZING! Brought in my ’05 Acura TL for iPhone integration and not only did they just install it…they made sure it all worked with me and I knew how it worked! Great customer service and prices. Decided to change my tints with them too… Everything came out AMAZING. I will definitely be sending all my friends there.

Spencer C.

Great business see Anthony or tony they will hook u up all this bad reviews screw yourself all their stuff is new and u go in their trying lowball tina gonna work they are great people highly recommend.

Mr M.

My rating is completely based on the deal I negotiated for my stereo. FYI, the Yelp deal only pertains to services and installations and not on the equipment… The prices are competitive and they are open to negotiate within range.

Quang N.

Bought a new Kenwood Stereo/GPS at the shop over the weekend and them installed as well. The manager Anthony was very helpful and was very easy to talk with. The installer Adrien did a great job installing the new unit. Overall I was very happy with the customer service and great attitude.

Pablo Q.

Came in bought my in-dash at a very affordable price. The staff is really friendly and helpful I would definitely recommend this shop for all your needs. Thanks car stereo warehouse.

Jeff V.

Good local small business to give your money to. They usually just do installs for me and end up doing a good job.

Adriana G.

Car Stereo Warehouse is the place to go if you need anything done to your car. I have a Chevy Blazer and they exchanged my stock stereo for a brand new top of the line Alpine Stereo (which I love), in addition they were able to connect my iPhone with the Stereo this way I can receive and make calls straight from my stereo and not risk of getting pulled over, and listen to all my music that I have in my iPod. The job was done very nicely, the sales guy and installers were really nice and respectful. They also did all the tint on my car which was extremely well done. Overall the service and quality was outstanding and would definitely recommend them to anyone and I can say I am an extremely satisfied customer!

Al C.

Firstees! Yes, another first review for me & and a nice sound system in my new ride. 4 weeks driving with a stock stereo & I can’t take it anymore. Man, why did I drive around thinking that anyone could possibly hear the low budget stock system I had. Now like any proud guy with a new ride everyone can hear all the stuff I want them to & they don’t. YES!!!! This is just the beginning of the puzzle, first some cool sounds, some tv’s and these guys will probably do it. They worked fast, though they said an hour it took maybe a half hour more. If you go there make sure you have something to do because though it is an audio shop, it is as quiet as a morgue. I asked for a nice cheap set up that won’t change my truck much because it is beautiful the way it is. Anyway, don’t hate when I roll up next to you. Boom boom boom!